HD DVD is back on top according to Amazon

A few AVS members got together and decided to show their support for HD DVD by organizing to all purchase movies from Amazon on the same day: April 15th. More specifically, many planned to buy Planet Earth on HD DVD. They were successful and as a result now HD DVD is on top according to the Amazon sales rank and at one point, the Planet Earth HD DVD was ranked #4, which is even higher than Casino Royal achieved. While this is certainly an interesting result, it just goes to show how easily the Amazon sales ranks can be manipulated. If you missed out on showing your support for your favorite format, you can join in by buying as many titles as you can afford from Amazon for the rest of April, or you can join the next group buy when the Matrix trilogy comes out on May 22nd. In the meantime, we will wait for the next Neilson/Videoscan ranking to assess their success.

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