Quanta and Dell collaborating on "Fly" smartphone?

While we aren't exactly keen on the taste of salt trickling down our throats, we're afraid a healthy dose is in order with this one. According to the always questionable DigiTimes, Quanta Computer is actually developing a "PDA handset" for Dell, and considering that it was but eight days ago that the firm's Axim hit the graveyard, the timing here is doubtlessly intriguing. Of course, this isn't the first time rampant rumors have swirled around a newfangled Dell handheld, but the outcome here could be a tad different than before considering the handset guru that just recently punched in. The project is reportedly operating under the codename "Fly," and while no design specifics were handed out, it should sport Windows Mobile 6, HSDPA, and probably a QWERTY keyboard to boot. Whatever the case, at least this thing shouldn't conflict with any Cisco trademarks if it all pans out.