Times Online offers 'Wii warm-ups' before gaming

Tony Carnevale
T. Carnevale|04.17.07

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In this article: exercise, sensationalism, Wii, WiiElbow
Another day, another sensationalistic article about the hazards of Wii gaming. But this one's got a special bonus at the end -- a list of "Wii warm-ups" from Tim Hutchful of the British Chiropractic Association. Wanna prevent "Wii elbow?" Then shrug those shoulders! Stretch that wrist! Relax that lower back!

Despite the warm-up suggestions, the article concludes that you should avoid the Wii, "save £179 and buy a pair of tennis rackets instead." Um, yeah, if we wanted to play real tennis, we would have done that, Times Online. The great thing about Wii Sports is that it's semi-real exercise that's actually fun for those of us who otherwise would only be using the muscles involved in opening a fridge. Give us enough time for the bedsores to heal, then maybe we'll think about these "tennis rackets" you speak of. (Do they carry them at Gamestop?)
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