Would-be Wii thief welcomed with a beatdown

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David Hinkle
April 17th, 2007
Would-be Wii thief welcomed with a beatdown
If you're ever looking to rob someone of their precious gaming goodies (including a Wii) whilst hanging out in Montana (do people even do that?), then you might want to give your idea of burglary some more thought. The 19 year old would-be thief didn't do that, as he was walked in on, mid-rob, by two residents of the apartment, along with a friend.

As the burglar began to bolt, apparently drunk (the only way he could muster up the courage, we'd imagine), he led them right back to his car where their Wii and other gaming goodies lay stashed. Tackling the perp to the ground, the group held him until police arrived and nabbed him.

Of course, we know any of you would do the same (or worse) ...

[Via Game|Life]
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