Gyruss and Minigolf putt onto Arcade

David Dreger
D. Dreger|04.18.07

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Gyruss and Minigolf putt onto Arcade
So, today you have two flavors to choose from for your weekly Xbox Live Arcade fix. In the retro side of things, you've got Gyruss, complete with updated 3D rendered graphics, multiplayer (co-op and versus) over Xbox Live, coming in at a cool 400 MS Points. On the other side you've got 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures, which features 36 holes, 4 player support over Live, and even a nifty course editor to mix things up with, and that one runs you 800 points. So, not that we're expecting Microsoft to make a habit out of it (yet), but what do you think about having dual releases, with one retro and one "new" game available on the same day?

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