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Xbox 360 Elite hits the market early, Target to thank

Waiting around another week or so for Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite to hit the market didn't seem all that painful from here, but to those looking to get their sweaty palms around the sleek, HDMI-enabled rig on the double, you can apparently fulfill your fantasy right now. Unsurprisingly surfacing on none other than eBay, the world's first Xbox 360 Elite bundle to leave Target's doors in a customer's hands has arrived, and if the small bevy of photos and actual receipt aren't enough to arraign some careless bullseye-sporting employee, we don't know what is. Of course, if you're still unwilling to shell out the above-MSRP asking price, you can always patiently place a pre-order, enjoy the hands-on photos, and envision yourself in the place of those Microsoft drones playing with it on video.

[Via Joystiq]