A playhouse that would put Pee-wee to shame

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We can't say where this above fun house is located, but we can say that upon finding out we'll move to said house, take it over by force and die there. It's just about the best Nintendo tribute piece we've ever seen, complete with sniveling Duck Hunt dog and collection of cartridges in the back. Sadly, flickr user gnychis' photos don't have any captions letting us know who made this or where it is to be found.

We've posted more pictures, of both the building's outside and inside, past the post break.

[Via The Tanooki]

Lakitu looks so lonely and sad in the dark corner.

Yeah right, we all know Bowser rocks face in Smash Bros.

Hey, what moron put the cartridge in upside down?

How does he make it go if he can't reach the pedals?
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