Panasonic's 103-inch plasma reviewed

Panasonic's TH-103FP9 103-inch plasma may have been dethroned at CES this year by Sharp, but it is still the king in our hearts, at least untill Sharp starts shipping its 108-inch LCD, that is. TrustedReviews had a chance to review the massive TV, and after the three-hour install by the crack specialty team -- including the use of an interior crane that we'd also like to get a look at -- they were very impressed with the picture quality. They were amazed that a TV this large didn't sacrifice contrast or color, and in fact, the only thing they could complain about was how bad it made some content look after enjoying 1080p in all its glory. Of course, they didn't like the $70,000 MSRP, but we suppose that is the price you have pay to watch a 103-inch screen in a well lit room.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]