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Load-Thing lets your devices recharge in comfort

The life of a gadget is an arduous one -- devices are being asked to do more and more in ever-smaller form factors, and to be honest, it's rough on them. Stress is the number one killer of gadgets in America today, with no signs of abatement. And let's face it: the whole rechargeable battery thing isn't exactly a picnic. With so much riding on your trusty gadgets, why not have them recharge in style and comfort? The Load-Thing aims to let your gear top off the way it was meant to -- with class and sophistication. This two-tone piece of vinyl slice of hand-crafted leather luxury is yours for only 9.90EUR ($13). All you need now is one of those sugar-fueled batteries and a little umbrella, and it's luau time, baby.

[Via Gadling]