Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 mixes it up sans wires

While it's not like we really needed another ho hum digital mixer to go along with all the others, Hercules' Mobile DJ MP3 does manage to differentiate itself from the (oftentimes far superior) competition by cutting the proverbial and literal cords. The somewhat chintzy looking machine is designed to be highly portable in nature, as it features a lightweight shell and gets power from a pair of C batteries. Specs wise, you'll find "two decks for mixing, scratching, and synchronizing the MP3 or WAV files stored on the PC," twin LCD screens for track information, built-in loops / "special effects," and wireless functionality thanks to the included dongle that plugs into your laptop or desktop. Essentially, the unit assumes your sound system is wired up to the corresponding computer, and any mixing you do gets beamed back to the PC and subsequently blasted out to the four people who actually showed up for your shindig. Nevertheless, Hercules can get your next party started without fancy cabling and a whole lot of dough, as the Mobile DJ MP3 will set you back just £59 ($119).

[Via Gearlog]