FogSHIELD blasts burglars, amps up nightclubs

Alright, so ShatterGARD Inc. definitely doesn't intend for its FogSHIELD PB 240 (pictured after the break) to actually be used in nightclubs, but ejecting "enough fog to cover 2,000 square feet in less than 15 seconds" could definitely get the mood set real quick like. Marketed at homes and businesses who feel that they should add yet another layer of security to their pre-existing systems, the device is wired up to trip sensors that are already installed, and when triggered, can emit a non-toxic fog that purportedly "gives the intruder no option but to scurry for the door." Humorously, the company even points out that the smoke carries a "pleasant mint smell and dissipates completely within 45 minutes," which should ensure that any future crooks not only get a breath of fresh air when invading your premises, but that they return in just under an hour to give it another go. No details on pricing were readily available, but it was noted that the initial installation comes with enough fog to erupt on 15 occasions, but if you seriously end up needing to stop over a dozen invaders from breaching your property, we'd suggest a change in scenery.