Fake: Excite Truck 2 delivers 6 player wi-fi multiplayer

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Fake: Excite Truck 2 delivers 6 player wi-fi multiplayer
Fake: Excite Truck 2 delivers 6 player wi-fi multiplayer

Update: It looks like the Internet, including Joystiq and Wii Fanboy, got punk'd when an Excite Truck 2 press release was supposedly released by Nintendo of Canada. The release appeared on official press resources, such as Games Press, and is still available on GamesIndustry.biz. Thanks to an intrepid reader, there is confirmation that this is, indeed, a fake--quite possibly the most successful in recent memory. We apologize for this err in judgment, and hope that Nintendo will actually make an online-enabled Excite Truck in the future.

As much fun as launch title Excite Truck was, we were all deeply saddened by its lackluster multiplayer options. However, it looks like all will be changed in the upcoming sequel, unsurprisingly titled Excite Truck 2. Up to six players will compete online using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, with bonus "friend code" fun thrown in absolutely free.

The racer will feature eight new playable environments, including some low-gravity tracks on the Moon. The press release specifically notes improved graphics, "with better visual effects and shadows." Of course, we don't care about that stuff--all we really want to see is Mii-integration (pictured above).

[Via Joystiq]
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