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Mad Catz PS3 Wireless Thumbpad adds useless QWERTY keys to your SIXAXIS

Third-party gaming controllers are always a mixed bag, ranging from terrific, like the popular Logitech Cordless Action PS2 controllers, to decidedly weird, like the SplitFish EdgeFX, to head-scratchingly awful, like this Pelican / Nerf abomination. Mad Catz has never been afraid to spew out products all over the bottom half of this spectrum, and the recently-released PS3 Wireless Thumbpad is no exception. Looking for all the world like it was designed by someone who has never attempted to actually hold a SIXAXIS, the QWERTY thumbpad clips on to your controller ... at the top. While we're not sure how you're supposed to use this thing, we are almost 100% confident that no one at Mad Catz looked at a picture of the Xbox 360 QWERTY thumb keyboard before sketching this one out.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]