Sex games look to stake their claim

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|04.25.07

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Sex games look to stake their claim

Much like Michael W. Smith circa 1990, adult video games (read: sex-based) are looking for their place in the world. But the industry's lady lumps are faced with some significant humps to get over, first and foremost: Their games aren't sold in stores. But in speaking with, many publishers of adults-only titles seem to be optimistic about their future in a gaming retail landscape that is increasingly digitalized.

The piece (by Joystiq contributor Bonnie Ruberg) makes a compelling case for a day in the not-too-distant-future when sex games will be able to find a real foothold, citing publishers like Manifesto Games who are willing to take on adult titles and developers like Brad Abrams of VirtuallyJenna who are finding outside-the-box ways to promote their games. The article also notes the increasing size of the Sex and Videogames Conference, held annually -- in our pants. Actually, the venue hasn't been announced yet, so while it could be our pants, we'd bet on San Fransisco. Not that we'll get an invite now. Unfortunately, there's no mention of homemade sex games becoming more popular, which is bad for us, because we had a great joke about XXXNA. ... Actually, that was the whole joke, so we're fine.

[via GamePolitics]
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