Gas Powered Games working on Wii game

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Gas Powered Games working on Wii game
During an interview with GameIndustry.BIZ, Gas Powered Games' CEO Chris Taylor confirmed that the company has numerous projects underway, noting that the company is working on a variety of platforms including the Wii. Sounds great to us, considering the company served up some delicious titles including the Dungeon Siege games. Well, those are kind of the only games the company dished out ... Still, more support for the Wii is a good thing.

The rest of the interview focuses on what Taylor believes the current state of the console wars are, taking time to point out his love of console development over the PC. Taylor also notes that he likes the Wii most out of the three consoles offered up this generation, mostly due to the Wiimote and price, in his opinion.

You can check out the official website for Gas Powered Games here.
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