Wiimote door unlocker

Years from now, we'll laugh at how we once depended on dated technology like keys and key cards. We'll mime the motions of manually unlocking a door while our friends guffaw at the absurdity of our adolescence. We'll all shake our heads at the joke our lives used to be.

We have a long way to go before we can telepathically open doors, travel to distant star systems on a whim, or make out with holographic hussies in a holodeck, but a group of Japanese tinkerers have started taking the steps to get us there. Setting up a lock motor with a PC that accepts bluetooth commands, they've jury-rigged a door to unlock when it picks up motion from a Wii remote. Futuristic!

We can't imagine this as being very secure, so don't plan on guarding your important documents or Pokemon cards with one of these DIY locks. Check past the jump for video of the setup in action.

[Via Engadget]