Yuke's chats up improvements in next Smackdown!

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|04.26.07

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Yuke's chats up improvements in next Smackdown!
Knowing the number of WWE fans that read PSP Fanboy, I'd feel wrong not sharing some details from Gamespot's recent interview with Yuke's. Here's what fans can expect in Smackdown! vs Raw 2008:
  • A big focus this year is making more differentiated, and complex fighting styles
  • A vastly improved and more realistic animation system, with more animations than ever before, and a motion blending system
  • The motion blending system also allows for better controls of your wrestlers
  • ECW's inclusion means lots more weapons in the game
  • 24/7 mode will allow the gamer to experience the ECW invasion and as always work their way through the ranks to become WWE champ
Yuke's wants Smackdown! to be one of the premier fighting games on all the systems. We'll have to wait for the title's release to see how they do.

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