Insomniac sets up a ban policy for Resistance

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|04.27.07

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Insomniac sets up a ban policy for Resistance
Effective immediately, Sony and Insomniac Games are instigating a ban policy on Resistance: Fall of Man. What do you need to look out for, else you'll get the axe from Insomniac? We'll tell you because we know you don't want to get banned from the game (permanently) and have your PlayStation Network account suspended.

  1. Offensive clan names or user names. If you've combined one with the other to create words or phrases violating the EULA (something something language association). That means no more Pen-15 jokes.
  2. No cheating/exploiting! I still don't know why people cheat in a game whose outcome determines absolutely nothing about your life... seriously, if you need to cheat to win, you lose. Lame? Sure. But it's true. Grow up and test your skill against someone else like a grown-up. If you suspect someone of using a lag device or some other exploitation of the game, send a private message to the "cheating" account (username: cheating). These cheats aren't allowed in any game, public or private.

It's worth noting that the offensive names earn you a permanent ban, but cheating gets you a 24-hour ban. This extends for each additional time you're caught. Moderators will join games, but you won't see them. So they're watching. Don't cheat, guys. It proves nothing except you don't believe in your abilities to play the game normally and still kick ass.
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