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Stephen Hawking holds it together in zero-g vomit comet

Stephen Hawking holds it together in zero-g vomit comet
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|April 27, 2007 3:53 PM

We tip our hats to you, Sir Hawking. You said you were gonna do it, and you surely did, hopping in a tricked out 727 to experience the weightlessness of space. During his eight successive 30 second stints of zero gravity, Hawking did a coupla spins and was even photographed with an apple of Newtonian symbolism. Not surprisingly, Stephen was totally stoked about his trip, saying afterward, "space, here I come." before totally popping a rocking wheelie in his robo wheelchair. Ok, maybe we made up that last bit, but we'd just like to say to Stephen: way to go, broham. We're looking forward to all the rad theoretical physics you'll come up with after this inspiring trip to pseudo-space.
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