Heavenly Sword demo is super-confirmed!

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|04.30.07

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Heavenly Sword demo is super-confirmed!
This is a little piece of news that should make everybody happy! Ninja Theory's upcoming super-sexy-cool slash-'em-up and beat-'em-down title, Heavenly Sword, has a demo on the way. SCEA's Kyle Shubel sat down for a quick interview and talked a little about the game. Since we covered pretty much everything there is to know about the gameplay during the week o' Heavenly Sword, we'll only touch on the interesting bits.

  • No online multiplayer -- it's a single player game.
  • They're in discussions about what to bring to HOME. Trophies, whatever. Again, who would love to see a life-sized statue of Nariko next to that life-sized Dante statue? That's pretty rewarding. If it happens.
  • Demo is planned, but its release is still in discussion. We're estimating July just for the heck of it. Sound appropriate?
  • Resolution and framerate right now: 720p @ 30fps
  • Apparently, there will be giant monster-type enemies. No details yet.
  • "Good replay value" planned.

Mmm, so what's with developers keeping their mouths shut? Do they really not want to fail to keep a promise that badly? We'd love to just get a ballpark for the demo, or what they'd like to see in HOME, or when they imagine the game being released. Oh well. Until the next interview, then!
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