Sony's summer laptop lineup leaked, including Santa Rosa FZ series

There isn't quite an abundance of info about these up-and-comers from Sony, but it's better than nothing. Sony is prepping the 15.4-inch FZ series, 13.3-inch SZ5, 11.1-inch TZ11, 13.3-inch CZ and 14-inch CR for a summer launch, and is apparently having a hard time keeping the info under wraps. We've got a few shady specs on screen resolution and whatnot for a few models, but the fact that the 11-inchers on up to the 15-incher are sporting WXGA resolutions seems to cast a bit of doubt on the proceedings. Luckily, we've got the skinny on the FZ19 (pictured above), which includes the new Santa Rosa chipset from Intel, along with integrated X3100 graphics, 2GB of RAM and a 120GB HDD. Most of the laptops, including the FZ series, include built-in webcams and heaping helpings of RAM. The TZ series is a refresh to the TX line of ultraportables, and seems to be making some good strides, including a purported business-friendly redesign and an SSD option due for a later revision. Not too many specifics on launch dates, but July seems to be the general word, at least for the CZ and CR series. Hit up the read link for more detailed specs.