Devil May Cry 4 to be identical on PS3 and Xbox 360

Tony Carnevale
T. Carnevale|05.02.07

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In a video interview with IGN, Devil May Cry 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi gives the 411 on protagonist Nero (not to be confused with the also playable Dante). "His specialties are a big revolver called the Blue Rose, and a big sword called the Red Queen." Hey, that's cool, gamers are totally comfortable with alternative lifestyles. Then Kobayashi drops the bombshell: the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are going to be the same.

"Our plan is to make them pretty much identical," says the auburn-tressed developer. This is where armchair analysts point out that the PS3 costs $200 more than 360; shouldn't Sony's system blow the competition out of the photorealistic water? Kobayashi concedes, "You may be able to use some of the functionality in the PS3 as like a switch." We trust that makes more sense in the original Japanese than in IGN's shoddy on-the-fly English translation. Any bilingual readers care to take a crack at a better interpretation?
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