Electronic House crowns Home of the Year winners

While we've seen a variety of domiciles packed to the hilt with consumer electronic-related goodness, the big boys and girls most certainly come out of the woodwork (or the downstairs home theater) when Electronic House begins accepting applications for its Home of the Year. The award goes to the home that most perfectly displays "a mix of electronics and design," and while we're fairly sure the 300 or so entries they received could all be worthy of gracing the pedestal, only three were picked to take top honors. Clearly, money was of little or no concern in the construction of these fine dwellings, but rest assured, the thousands upon thousands that went into objects of desire such as Runco plasmas / projectors, Crestron home automation systems, Lexicon amplifiers, Denon receivers, and the host of other LCD HDTVs, lighting systems, and in-ceiling speakers weren't used carelessly. Each of the top three homes sports a distinct angle and motif not directly shared by the other victors, and while we personally wouldn't mind visiting any of the three, be sure to hit the read link for the breakdown of how each crib won its medal, and click on through for a few more shots.