Free Running, where are you?

Peter vrabel
P. vrabel|05.03.07

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The team at Rebellion have released Free Running, based loosely on the principles of a French alternasport "Parkour," that Wikipedia defines as, "movement from point A to point B, as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body." For local advocates, community fan sites like are great resources for finding the latest, up-to-date Parkour activities in your hometown.

Free Running garnered a decent review, but a release date is now strangely absent for fellow gamers across the pond in North America. Attempts to locate a U.S. release date on major retailers like GameStop, Amazon and GameFly, all bring up blank pages, whereas earlier reports showed a similar March release date. With a lack of alternative sports tittles currently available on the system, PSP owners in North America may feel the sting of drought for awhile longer.

Japanese fan site PSP GadgetZ has been obsessing over the title, capturing more than half a dozen videos of the game. Watch for yourself and tell us if you think this violence-free Prince of Persia-styled game sparks your fancy.
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