HP preparing Pavilion HDX 20-inch gaming laptop?

It looks very much like HP is planning to release its first gaming laptop in the form of the 20-inch Pavilion HDX: the evidence being renderings which have appeared on Even though we've seen 20-inch monster laptops before, the HDX is quite a sight, with the extra width apparently being used to contain a Windows Media Center remote and a full size number pad. The launch date and pricing of the HDX isn't known, but the source suggests that it may be timed to coincide with the launch of the Santa Rosa Core 2 Duos which will be included in the HDX at 2.4GHz speeds, and possibly at an "factory-unclocked" frequency of 2.6GHz. This behemoth weighs in at a rather lean -- consider the competition -- 12-pounds, and "may" come with an 8800-series GeForce Go graphics card to grab those oh-so-elusive gaming PC credentials. Of course, this could all be one humongous fake, although with HP leaking like crazy in recent days, we're leaning on this being legit.

[Thanks, Jonathon]