Mobile TV popular in the 25-34 male crowd

Brian White
B. White|05.05.07

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Mobile TV popular in the 25-34 male crowd
That chased-after demographic of 25 to 34 year-old males just found a new fan: mobile TV. ComScore states that 46 percent of current mobile TV subscribers in the U.S. are below the age of 35 and 65 percent are male. To us, that's an obvious conclusion from the research company (who supplied the stats). The research firm concluded that younger males are earlier adopters of newer technologies. Umm, yep -- we had our suspicions. Apparently, that same group is responsible for the spread of newer mobile tech, as comScore added "once the early adopters have had a chance to fully engage with the technology and share their experiences with friends, relatives and colleagues, Mobile TV is substantially more likely to reach a critical mass in the marketplace." Cool. Additionally, the top-recognized "brands" in mobile TV were Verizon's VCAST, MobiTV and Modeo. The research also showed that U.S. consumers wanted a high level of quality on a chosen mobile TV service. We're not sure it's there -- yet.
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