Quadrocopter project takes aerial photography open source

While there's already at least one relatively-inexpensive device out there to let you partake in some aerial photography, those not satisfied with ready-made solutions may want to give the OpenSourceQuadroCopter project a look, which (as its name suggests) takes a decidedly more hands-on route. Apparently the result of some 75 developers from around the world, the system is supposedly easy to assemble and, from the looks of it, can be attached to a variety of remote-controlled helicopters. What's more, the system can also be outfitted with a range of add-ons, including a GPS module and a parachute that can be automatically-triggered when the copter runs into danger. While you'll obviously have to supply some of the components yourself, you can order a kit with some of the key parts for just 25 €, or about $34.

[Via MAKE:blog]