Uber-slim G4 Mouse slides away in your PCMCIA slot

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.07.07

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Uber-slim G4 Mouse slides away in your PCMCIA slot

Under normal circumstances, a palm-sized mouse with a built-in wireless transceiver is about as portable as it gets, but the G4 Mouse just showed all the other guys how a mobile mouse should be constructed. The uber-slim mousing instrument folds perfectly flat in order to fit in your PCMCIA slot when not in use, and when you're all settled, it pops out, ejects a USB cable, and folds into a more ergonomic position for all your mousing needs. Additionally, the slot card mouse comes in pink, blue, and silver colors, and it appears that you can even get a matching pouch if say, a 120GB hard drive is already occupying your PC Card slot. The 800 DPI mouse boasts a left / right click and a touch-sensitive scroll wheel, touts Windows compatibility, and will run you a respectable ???46,500 (or about $50). Click through for a couple more snaps.

[Via CacheYourCash]

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