Stealth Imaging unveils 120GB PCMCIA NAND hard drive

By now, it's probably safe to assume that you've found a peripheral or two to occupy your previously lonely ExpressCard slot, but if you're still miffed when it comes to the oh-so-overlooked PCMCIA slot, Stealth Imaging's got your answer. During NAB 2007, the firm announced that it would be offering up a 120GB NAND solid-state hard disc drive in the form of a CardBus Type II adapter, which would check in at 86-millimeters long and 5-millimeters thick. Furthermore, the device will reportedly sustain 132Mbps read / write rates, sport random seek times of under 50-nanoseconds, and consume "less than one-third of the power used in a typical spinning HDD." Unfortunately, there was no word on when the Windows / OS X compatible device would grace store shelves, but you can start cleaning the dust out of that PCMCIA slot now in preparation.

[Thanks, Kevin]