LG announces steam dishwashers, dryers

It's been quite a while since LG introduced its first SteamWasher, but the company has finally decided to extend its newfound love of old school technology to some other household appliances, introducing its first steam dishwasher and steam dryer, as well as a new washer/dryer combo. Like the original SteamWasher (pictured at right), the new appliances boast a built-in steam generator to back up the traditional washing and drying processes, which promises to not only do the job better, but save on energy as well. Also like the SteamWasher, these latest appliances don't exactly come cheap, with the steam dishwasher (available in stainless steel only) running you $1,599, and the new washer and dryer units (also stainless steel) set to demand a hefty $3,499 apiece -- all should be available in the third quarter of this year. A separate SteamDryer will also apparently be available for those that already thrown down the cash for a SteamWasher, with it a comparative bargain at $1,149 to $1,399 in your choice of white or wild cherry finishes. All the laundry units are also compatible with LG's Remote Monitoring System, which'll let you check up on your clothes from anywhere in your house, although you'll have to drop an extra hundred bucks for that pleasure.

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