FF Dissidia magazine scan reveals Smash-ing possibilities

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Here is Dissidia, the newly announced Final Fantasy game for PSP. Our less-than-infantile understanding of Japanese makes it difficult to decipher a recently leaked Japanese magazine scan. We understand that it's a one-on-one 3D "battle" game -- could this game be a fighting game, in the style of Smash Brothers? The pictures certainly allude to that. It isn't Ehrgeiz like we predicted, but we think it's pretty darn close. The game will reunite characters from across the franchise, including the Warriors of Light from the first Final Fantasy, and Zidane and Kuja of Final Fantasy IX fame.

Nomura's Kingdom Hearts-esque character designs are in full effect, and the title appears to have some console-quality graphics. It may not be what most of us expected, but we can't wait to find out more.

[Via NeoGAF; Thanks, Jamal!]
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