Spider-Man 3 is most popular on the 360

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|05.09.07

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Spider-Man 3 is most popular on the 360
In the UK Spider-Man's console of choice is the Xbox 360. Activision's mediocre Spider-Man 3 swung its way to a multiplatform release including the 360, PS3, Wii, and PS2 among others. And when the UK sales figures were tallied the Xbox 360 version of the game accounted for a whopping 45% of total sales. The PS2 version (which looks just as good as the 360 version ... ouch) garnered 40% of the game's UK sales with the Wii totaling 10%.

What's most interesting is how well the Xbox 360 version of the game sold even outselling the huge install base the PS2 has. Even more interesting is that the PS3 numbers for Spider-Man 3 sales are pretty much non-existent. Either the 360's community is the prime demographic for the Spider-Man franchise or it could be the largest next-gen console install base, we can't be sure. But we do know that Spider-Man 3 is one huge marketing machine with a box office to prove it.

[Thanks, Jon Morales]
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