Big Brain Academy's Wi-Fi features explained

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Big Brain Academy's Wi-Fi features explained
The Japanese website for Big Brain Academy has updated with the explanation of some of the title's Wi-Fi features, which immediately piqued our interest. We can't wait until online features are rolled out for the Wii, so any talk of online gameplay or functionality really gets our hearts pumping. So, when the Japanese site updated, we knew it was our duty to let you guys know what the title has in store for all of us, even if the game didn't wow us back at GDC.

Basically, you're going to be able to compare exercise scores and data with friends (of course) over Wi-Fi. And, there's the inclusion of your own Miis, as well as those belonging to your friends, which we already informed you about. But, beyond those two tidbits of info, we've got nothing else to go on. Hopefully this will change as the title nears release, making us aware of a more robust roster of online functionality.

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[Via Infendo]
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