Showin' that Aldor pride

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|05.10.07

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Showin' that Aldor pride
This thread by Tenaciousp offers my sentiments exactly: Aldor rule, Scryers drool! Aldor assemble!

Ok, well, actually it's a cut-and-paste of an identical Scryer thread, but still, I'm all for a little faction pride. Besides the rewards and the turn-ins, I haven't heard a peep out of the big dueling factions in Shattrath City. Sure, there have been the occasional skirmishes (I can't believe you all did that to our soup!), and I make it a point to shout "Death to Scryers!" whenever I see an Arcane Tome drop, but there's not much else to speak of. Sure, there's different areas in Shattrath and in Shadowmoon Valley, and a few diffferent quests, but where's the faction-on-faction PvP or really any player-involved opposition between the two factions at all?

Now, hopefully more is coming in 2.1 and beyond-- I'd love to see those daily quests involve targets that the Aldor and Scryer have to fight over. And there are ways to pit the two factions against each other without actually pitting players against their own side. What about a repeatable quest that brought reinforcements to a periodic battle? As in, I bring armor scraps to Aldor Rise and every day at 3pm, the two factions have it out, with the winning faction making a special vendor available? Or it doesn't even have to be that complicated-- say whatever side brings the most turn-ins in a day gets an increased rep rate for the next 24 hours. Something to let us compete together and show a little Aldor/Scryer pride.

Whether you think the Aldorks are losers or the Scrybabies are whiners, it's clear that there's animosity between the red and blue in Shattrath. It's just a shame there aren't more ways for players to mix it up in game.
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