Nyko's PlayStation 3 Intercooler gets reviewed

Just over a year ago, Nyko busted out a lucrative solution to the world of overheating problems that hordes of Xbox 360 users were experiencing, and even after being lambasted for causing consoles to draw an unsafe amount of electricity, the company hasn't learned a thing. Unlike Pelican's attempt at a snap-on cooling solution for the PS3, Nyko's two-piece Intercooler (larger picture after the break) holds tight to the problematic power pass-through design which could presumably put undue stress on your machine's power supply when running things in high gear. Nevertheless, IGN's review saw no scorching problems during the time it was used, and while it did manage to cool the unit down during hardcore gaming sessions, it came at a cost. The noise level experienced a noticeable increase, but they were impressed by the user-controllable fan speed knob that allowed them to ratchet things down whilst watching a Blu-ray movie. In a brief comparison between the two current options, there didn't seem to be a decisive winner, but judging by Nyko's previous mishap and its refusal to update the design, the choice should be fairly clear.