Nyko Intercooler scorches Xbox 360 consoles?

We've seen our fair share of products that aren't exactly "as advertised," but it seems that Nyko's Intercooler might actually up the stakes by accomplishing the complete opposite of what it's intended to do. While the Xbox 360 has experienced a good bit of "technical difficulties" in its short life, the Intercooler accessory was hailed as a product that nixed the seemingly widespread overheating issues; however, new reports are suggesting that the device "steals too much power" from the oh-so-needy innards of Microsoft's console, leading to eventual failure of the components. It was noted that the Intercooler can even elicit "brown discoloration" around the system's AC input before users are faced with the ominous red ring, and if this tale-tell sign is witnessed by RMA processors, your return becomes null and void for using an "unlicensed peripheral." Although Nyko respectfully defends its questionably useful product, Microsoft doesn't appear to lend the same appreciation -- but regardless, there's still a few (unofficial) methods left to ensure your Xbox 360 stays below the boiling point, cool?

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