Sony's TZ ultraportable series gets official-er

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Paul Miller
May 11th, 2007
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Sony's TZ ultraportable series gets official-er

Not that there isn't plenty of fresh laptop goodness to go around, but for some reason Sony's been a bit gun shy with its new ultraportable sexiness, the TZ11. And there's really nothing to be ashamed of, we already knew the the thing was a looker when we spotted some leaked catalog shots last week, and now that this new leak includes better pictures and every spec imaginable, it's pretty clear that Sony has a good thing going here. The biggest drawback is the lack of Santa Rosa under the hood, Sony's instead settling for a 1.06GHz U7500 processor, 802.11a/b/g WiFi and Intel GMA 950 graphics of the last generation. Still, at 2.62 pounds, with a built-in DVD super-multi drive and LED-backlit screen, it's hard to fault the laptop too terribly much. Peep the read link for some more pics and full specs, and stay tuned for a possible summer release.

[Via SlashGear]
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