Wii version of Simpsons contains exclusive gluttony

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Wii version of Simpsons contains exclusive gluttony
Surprisingly, the new Simpsons game, called The Simpsons Game, doesn't follow the storyline of the Simpsons movie (The Simpsons Movie). Instead, it puts the player in the roles of the Simpson family as they become aware that they are inside a video game, which enables them to use ingame abilities (Remember Bartman? No? Ask your parents.) The game draws from video game culture, poking fun at games like Grand Theft Auto and Zelda.

The Simpsons Game is a platformer with two-player cooperative gameplay and a cast of 200 characters. Troublingly, the developers say that of those 200, 100 come from the show. Is EA creating 100 new Simpsons characters? Jiminy jillikers!

Wii owners will get a special treat: an exclusive minigame in the form of an eating contest. Using the Wiimote like a fork, players will cram as much imaginary food into their avatar's gaping maw as possible in a limited time.
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