Motorola patents the "Smellophone"

Brian White
B. White|05.14.07

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Motorola patents the "Smellophone"
Since Motorola needs to get back on the profit wagon, apparently the second largest mobile phone maker in the world believes cultural novelty may be the answer. Moto has just patented the "Smellophone" that packs a scent pouch which releases olfactory goodness when talking. The mobile's battery is put to good use powering the phone and heating the scent pack as well, so we're wondering what kind of standby time reduction we can expect once we have our hands noses on one of these beauties. The patent references a "Communication device having a scent release feature and method thereof." We can't wait to get our mitts on one of these and rate with our noses, but until then, we love Motorola's cheeky patent app. The colorful language for the MOTOSNIFR (our name) includes this: "Some cellular telephone users are the same individuals who enjoy having plug-in scent units located around their homes, and may miss not having a nice smelling fragrance while they are on the go." Awesome.
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