Unbelievable Heavenly Sword concept art

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|05.14.07

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Today marks a very special day for us at PS3 Fanboy -- we've stumbled upon 26 fantastic concept art images for the upcoming Heavenly Sword. We're told that some of these are from the anime created to correspond to the game, but clearly some of it is artwork of the highest pedigree.

Heavenly Sword is a fast-paced action game due out exclusively on the PLAYSTATION 3 this August. Lead heroine Nariko stumbles upon a sword of immense power that slowly sucks the life out of her while she slices through legions of enemies. We were told a while back that Heavenly Sword may feature more monstrous enemies than packs of infantry, and that piece of art in the gallery with the turtle-shell bad guy is what we can probably expect -- humanoid, but with monstrous strength and funky fashion sense.

Check out our gallery, leave your thoughts and get ready for a fantastic game this Fall!


[Thanks, Jamal!]
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