How do YOU think the Dark Portal opened?

Dan Crislip
D. Crislip|05.15.07

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How do YOU think the Dark Portal opened?

Today's forum watch has started a new humor thread about the origins of the reopening of the Dark Portal. Many debated if it was Kazzak or some other power, or if it had always been open. Quite a few people had their own opinions about how it opened:

Chuck Norris may have roundhouse kicked it open.

Rick Astley might have "rickroll'd" it open.

Kazzak reopened it because Pokemon Silver came out 3 months earlier in Outlands.

A Blizzard comic submission seems to have their own theories as to how the Dark Portal opened.

A fairly blunt opinion stated that, "Blizzard wanted more money."

I personally like the idea that someone finally discovered what the "unused light switch in their garage" did.

What we know from

The portal was originally created by Sargeras who possessed Medivh, which was used to allow the horde to invade Azeroth, which started the First War. After the Second War, Khadgar attempted to destroy the portal, but the rift remained. Ner'zhul wanted to procure 4 powerful artifacts to open other portals: the Book of Medivh, the Skull of Gul'dan, the Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras, and the Eye of Dalaran. Using these artifacts, he opened the portals, but in turn ripped Draenor apart. The Dark Portal remained silent until recently, when Doom Lord Kazzak discovered a "powerful artifact" and reopened the portal, leaving Highlord Kruul in his stead.

How do you think it opened? What relic did Kazzak discover? What humorous reasons have you heard?

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