Ricavision's Vista SideShow MK140 Fridge magnet, E-Reader, and eChatter

Ricavision, the company that brought us the SideShow MCE remote, has announced three new SideShow devices that make some different approaches to the SideShow format. Final evidence that Windows has permeated every niche is the MK140 FM Fridge Magnet/Scribbler, which has a massive magnet on the back for convenient attachment to the big box in your house that dispenses free food. It runs Windows Vista SideShow and wirelessly connects with your PC, and has a 3.5-inch LCD for all those simulated sticky notes. It has a 16-hour battery life, which may sound like a lot, but which will probably mean having to charge it up overnight, every night. The second gadget is the Home E-Reader that also runs SideShow, but has a big, grayscale screen that is great for displaying e-books. Finally there's the SideShow based MK140 eChatter, which is designed for composing emails and sending instant messages on a WQVGA 5-inch display and a QWERTY thumb keyboard, tapping into your Vista PC wirelessly for internet connectivity. It can also accept an audio headset for voice communication, and will last 16-hours on its internal battery. Unfortunately, there's no word on availability or pricing for any of these devices just yet.

[Thanks, Cameron B]