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iRobis touts "complete cognitive software system" for robots

iRobis touts "complete cognitive software system" for robots
Donald Melanson
Donald Melanson|@donmelanson|May 17, 2007 11:39 AM
We haven't seen a whole lot of news come out of the annual RoboBusiness conference as of late, but it doesn't look like it's lacking for grand ambition, with a number of companies taking the opportunity to talk up various facets of the coming robot uprising. One such optimist is iRobis co-founder Peter Nordin, who claims to be well on his way to developing a "complete cognitive software system" for robots. What's more, he says that the first version of the software, dubbed "Brainstorm," will be available to researchers and developers later this year. Apparently, the software will give robots a "previously unseen level of autonomy in decision making and operation," using reasoning and problem solving to learn increasingly complex tasks. According to Nordin, the software has already seen a fair bit of success, with robots in his laboratory starting out moving like babies and eventually learning to walk, climb stairs, and manipulate objects. Not surprisingly the military (the Swedish one) has been the first to express interest in the technology. They're apparently hoping that it'll give its autonomous vehicles and robots the benefit of evolution. Yeah, that'll work out just fine.

[Thanks, Roger G]