Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro screens subject of class-action lawsuit

Looks like Apple is about to face its next date in court: a San Diego filing by private citizens Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley calls for a class-action lawsuit, accusing Cupertino of deceptive advertising with regard to the displays on its MacBook and MacBook Pro machines -- specifically alleging Apple's screens aren't nearly as good as they were advertised to be. Citing observances that MacBook (Pro) displays are too often "grainy" and "sparkly", that Apple uses dithering to achieve higher color depths than is feasible for the equipment, and that apparently customers seeking repair or replacement were rebuffed, even "chastised" by rogue Geniuses, telling users they are "too picky about... the quality of the display." So, will this lawsuit blend? Time -- but mostly lawyers -- will tell. [Warning: PDF link]