Mii Spotlight: Musician edition

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|05.19.07

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Mii Spotlight: Musician edition

Another week has passed, so it must be time for Wii Fanboy's Mii Spotlight! Last week, after Eric showed off how good it was to be a gangsta, we sent out a request for musician Miis, and we got a few that we're excited about showing off. If you haven't yet seen your Mii here, be patient -- we're saving some of the submissions for later editions. If your Mii is creative, well-made, and interesting, don't despair. You'll probably see it here eventually! It just takes time to get enough that are thematically linked.

But we also need to make something very clear: the Miis you send us need to be your own, or you need to credit the original maker if you're sending photos of other people's work. We've had some complaints that not all of the Miis we've featured were actually made by the person claiming credit. It's one thing to see a Mii somewhere and make your own based on that, and another thing altogether to take someone's photos and send them in as your own. We can't check everything, and there's no real way to verify, so we ask you simply to be honest, and please remember to be respectful of people who put their spare time into creating Miis for your enjoyment.

But enough with the lectures -- let's see some Miis!

I have a confession to make: I needed an excuse to make White Stripes Miis, and Eric's Miis, as well as the bevy other other music-influenced submissions we had was enough of an excuse to put me in front of my Mii Channel. But here's what I discovered: I'm not that great at making Miis! It's either that, or the dynamic duo is pretty hard to capture in caricature. But I gave it a shot all the same:

I felt forced to do current-White Stripes looks, because if there's one thing the Mii editor is really lacking (besides awesome hair colors), it's a long, sleek ponytail, like the sort Meg White used to favor. But one thing I did do was set them both as favorites, so that they could wear red pants (which you can sort of see here in a less-than-optimal picture). It's all about the details when it comes to Mii creation!

My other music Mii's basis also seems to often be photographed with a long ponytail or long braids, and while she's also seen with her beautiful red hair long and loose, it just wasn't the same. But ponytail or not, no Mii Plaza (at least, in my house) could be complete without singer/songwriter Neko Case.

A good friend of mine is convinced that Neko Case could well be an incarnation of godhood on Earth, and his Mii must agree, because he's always trying to engage her Mii in conversation. Could it be a case of Miis imitating life? Perhaps someday we'll make the rest of The New Pornographers to keep her company, but there's a lot of them. It may require a whole extra Wii.

I wanted desperately to have a Frank Black Mii that could lumber around the Mii Plaza, but alas, nothing quite turned out right. Someday, I will get him, and perhaps the other Pixies as well. But enough of my musical tastes -- let's see what iconic musicians you guys turned out!

This first one, we just couldn't resist. While we see a lot of the same Miis over and over again -- it's the same on all the Mii sites around the internet as well -- this is one we hadn't see a lot of, and yet she's just perfect for the simple editor to reproduce. We give you (or rather, reader Michael does): Cher! We'd love to see a whole set of Cher Miis, from the beginning of her career until today. The evolution of Miis. Sounds like a future edition ....

Reader Adam J. is all about the classics. We'd be willing to be that he has an awesome music collection. Here's what he had to offer: the late, great Barry White, Roy Orbison, and James Brown. These are fantastic Miis, but they made us a little sad. Why is it that so many great musicians are dead? These men all had powerful voices and a huge stage presence, and they are greatly missed. But hey, they live on as Miis!

Reader Ali420 sent in some great ones as well, including this 50 Cent Mii that we just couldn't resist for this week's Mii Spotlight. But it's his caricature of Danny Trejo at MiiPlaza.net that we really loved. Just as some people don't make great Mii fodder, others are simply perfect ... and we're always happy to see this underrated actor get more attention!

We have more music Miis, and would love to revisit this topic in the future, but we need even more Miis from you to make it happen, so start sending 'em in!

Want to be featured here? Send your Mii photos to mii [at] nintendowiifanboy [dot] com. We have two requests this week: we want Miis of our commenters and readers, first and foremost, for a coming special Mii spotlight, and we want the most random, off-the-wall Miis you have. We have some really unique Miis that readers have sent in, but we need more. So give us your pundits, your lesser known comedians, your old school cartoon characters, and your weird twists on the Mii creation system, so we can show the world!
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