PGR3 scores a hat trick with Sony advertisements

Peter vrabel
P. vrabel|05.19.07

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PGR3 scores a hat trick with Sony advertisements

The first time was amusing, the second time was embarrassing, but the third time ... wait, three times? Apparently Dutch advertisers have the same problem in keeping Project Gotham Racing 3 and Gran Turismo: HD separate. A Mediamarkt magazine published a PS3 article and emblazoned the 2-page spread with the infamous PGR3 Saleen picture, the same one used in advertisements and promo shots when the game first came out in Fall of 2006.

In case you forgot what Gran Turismo: HD looks like, feel free to click here or here for some recent coverage. In case you forgot what PGR3 looks like, stay tuned for more Gran Turismo: HD coverage. As press coverage ramps up, chances are good someone will slather yet another PGR3 shot in error.

[Via Joystiq]
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