iRobot to launch two non-killbots for the holidays

While most other manufacturers claim to make our lives easier by offering a slightly-improved this or an all-in-one that, iRobot is actually down there in the trenches (both literally and figuratively, with those killbots and all) observing the average Joe, and serving up products that help eliminate some of our most mundane tasks without resorting to hired help. So it's with no small amount of anticipation that we'll be waiting for the company's just-revealed, Holiday-time products, though the details released by co-founder and chairwoman Helen Grenier at the JPMorgan Technology Conference couldn't have been more sparse: besides the fact that both models are most emphatically not floor-cleaning bots, all she would say is that they are "different types of robots with mechanical features," according to Crave. Helpful. With such a vague idea of what to expect, the hunt is now on for these mysterious new automated domestic servants; we've got flooring, carpets, pools, and garages covered, so all that's really left is a windowbot, a laundrybot, and most ambitious of all, Doomba, the no-nonsense, child-rearing nannybot.