PS3 Fanboy Folding@home team breaks the top 300!

Colin Torretta
C. Torretta|05.21.07

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PS3 Fanboy Folding@home team breaks the top 300!

It's been a bit since we did one of our big Sunday night Folding@Home events, but it's clear that you guys haven't been slacking off when it comes to Folding. One of our users sent us an e-mail recently pointing out that PS3 Fanboy has broken into the top 300 teams on the Folding@Home website. We are currently number 277 out of 66360 teams, well above Joystiq (#743) but trailing Engadget (#28!).

I'm number 32 on our team, where are you on the list? If you haven't joined our team yet, our team number is 57793. Join up and help us (maybe) save the world!

[Thanks mccomber!]
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