World in Conflict suits consoles -- so, can we expect it or not?

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|05.21.07

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World in Conflict suits consoles -- so, can we expect it or not?
Massive Entertainment, a huge RTS developer (I still prefer Westwood ... wherever they went) recently talked about a new action-oriented approach to the genre and how it would feel right at home on a console rather than a PC. Its game World in Conflict fit the bill, they claimed. So long as keyboard and mouse support is ... supported, we're game to listen further.

In fact, the one drawback to bringing RTS games to consoles is just that -- the keyboard and mouse. The PS3 fully supports these, developers! I play Phantasy Star Universe with the keyboard on the PS3. Well, I would if I could figure out if its possible. Come on! Regardless of this strange claim to avoid consoles, Massive still thinks World in Conflict would suit consoles because it "is much more visceral and action-oriented than traditional RTS titles, so if there's ever a game that could translate well to the consoles, it would be something like World in Conflict." So will we see an RTS title hit the PS3? Will it support those peripherals we mentioned? Who knows. We'll keep you posted.
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