Team Fortress 2 shaping up nicely

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Team Fortress 2 shaping up nicely
Eurogamer got to try their hand at Valve's upcoming Team Fortress 2, and they came away impressed. In particular, Eurogamer notes that the developers of Team Fortress 2 have gone a long way towards solving problems with good art direction. For example, when using a spy to infiltrate the enemy base, you can physically change your appearance to look like any enemy class. Rather than have your own team see an icon over your head representing this, they will see a spy wearing the appropriate mask. This is both visually interesting and solves the problem accordingly.

Also mentioned in the preview, each class has several defining characteristics that make them fun to play. For instance, wrench kills with the Engineer give bonuses to build speed, though they also put you in harm's way. Like Snipers? If you stay zoomed in for a few seconds before you make the shot, you cause more damage, but you also risk someone sneaking up on you. Each class has these trade-offs that increase tension and entertainment.

Honestly, with the campy art style and seemingly endless variety, Team Fortress 2 just may sway a few players from the juggernaut that is Halo 3. Hit the "read" link for the full preview.

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